Join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, coaches and industry experts growing their businesses. 
*Only 8 Mentorship Spaces Available*

Deadline for sign up: Sunday, 2nd August 2020 at 18.00 BST 

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What is Group Coaching?


Eliminate the frustration, stress and loneliness of being able to grow your business and get more clients. 

What's Included in Sabrina's Coaching & Mentoring Programme?

  • Access to Group Calls & Live Q&A's
  • ​Access to a Monthly MASTERMIND
  • ​Access to apply for an ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER
  • Access to exclusive MEMBERSHIP page
  • ​Exclusive Access to Annual Live Event
  • ​Discounted Access to Academy Training Courses
Book a 1-2-1 with Sabrina!
Upon joining, you will have the opportunity of working with Sabrina on a 1-2-1 level. This session will give you the chance to explore the most significant challenges within your business, create you an actionable plan to move forward and to ensure you're entering the right mastermind group. 
"I invited Sabrina Stocker as a business coach after seeing her success on Apprentice 2018. We had an initial 3 days to brain storm the Business and Sabrina implemented a business strategy, which would involve a lot of work internally. With her mindset and strong management skills, we took Sabrina on for implementing the new organisation structure and processes. I have been very satisfied with the work Sabrina has done for our business"
- Sylvia Liu
 What is a MASTERMIND group?
Once you become a member, you can apply to be in a MasterMind. These groups are based on your industry, goals and the level of where your business currently is. Your MasterMind is a member-led group, keeping eachother accountable and motivated. Your MasterMind will have a monthly MasterMind Strategy Session with Sabrina, where you can learn and bounce back off others.
 What happens in my 1:1 with Sabrina?
Sabrina is serious about wanting to grow your business with you. Therefore she needs to know and understand your business. Upon joining, you will have a 60 minutes strategy session with her, tackling your biggest challenges, setting a strategic plan and creating a plan of action.
 What's an Accountability Partner?
In the group session, you will be able to apply to be matched with an accountability partner. Your partner will be someone of similar goals, experience and if possible, within a similar industry!
"My MISSION is to inspire others to live their best lives by running a SUCCESSFUL and SUSTAINABLE business. The GROUP COACHING is a platform I've created to MENTOR coaches, experts and entrepreneurs to reach their POTENTIAL. This is a NO BULLS*** platform, requiring DEDICATION, RESILIENCE and ENDURANCE to start and scale a business, and if YOU'RE READY to LEVEL IT UP, I look forward to welcoming you to The GROUP."
Empire Consultancy
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Who is Sabrina Stocker?

Sabrina has built several successful companies, mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs and recognised Final Five in the BBC One The Apprentice Show. She runs My Tennis Events, the largest tennis events company in the U.K. and is the co-founder of Shopping Slot, reaching nearly half a million customers in the first six weeks of launching. She has now launched her academy, a community for entrepreneurs and coaches to thrive. 

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