1-2-1 Coaching
Sabrina Stocker
Are you ready to Start Up & Scale Up?
Do you want to be kept accountable?

Do you want to stop costly mistakes?

Do you want to have a more strategic focus? 


When you run a business, you have emotional attachments which sometimes may change the way you make decisions. It's usually those hardest decisions which can be the most stressful and costly. Having a coach will allow you to gain an outside perspective to ensure you're on the right strategic path. They will keep you accountable, focused and be your constant kickstart in the right direction.


Investments are created for a twelve-month minimum basis, to allow Sabrina to deep dive into the business and focus on a long term strategy and growth for your company. 
Billed monthly, 12 month Direct Debit
  • 2 x 60 min Zoom Call
  • 1 x Emergency 'Hotline Call'



Sabrina helps her clients scale their businesses to multiple six-figures. She specialises in using personal branding, marketing and strategic planning to allow a company to thrive. Sabrina believes in the KISS model (Keep it Simple, Sexy) to business, allowing her clients to scale up without the increased stress and loss of time. As clients strive to become business leaders in their field, Sabrina helps by guiding them to step out of their comfort zone, lead a successful team and execute a robust strategic plan.
"When I first contacted Sabrina to discuss a partnership with her, I did not expect for us to see over 3 million page views and 500,000+ users in less than 3 weeks, without spending a single penny. Sabrina knows exactly how to address the media and manage public relations extremely effectively, whilst utilising her own personal brand. Within just a few days of preparation, our branding was all over the national and regional press! I'm absolutely amazed with Sabrina's ability to constructively create a 'media masterpiece', whilst remaining consistently positive throughout each milestone of the project!"
- Jason Moore, Shopping Slot
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Who is Sabrina Stocker?

Sabrina has built several successful companies, mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs and recognised Final Five in the BBC One The Apprentice Show. She runs My Tennis Events, the largest tennis events company in the U.K. and is the co-founder of Shopping Slot, reaching nearly half a million customers in the first six weeks of launching. She has now launched her academy, a community for entrepreneurs and coaches to thrive. 

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